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Joke Name:  Look Out Below
A man was sitting on a plane reading a book. A few minutes later he ran up to the pilot and said, "Help! Help! I dropped my favorite book out of the plane! Can you please stop it?" "No, no, I am not stopping this plane for a book.", the pilot replied. Later another man ran up to the pilot and asked, "Can please land the plane? I dropped my lucky baseball." "No, I will not land the plane for a baseball!!!" A third man had dropped a gernade out of the plane. He quick ran up the the pilot and started yelling, "Stop, stop, I lost my gern-" "Alright, Alright!", he interupts. "I will land the plane." When the pilot got out he saw two little boys crying. He asked them what was the matter, they replied something fell out of the sky and landed on them. One was a book and the other a baseball. A third boy came along and was laughing. The pilot asked, "What are you laughing about?" "I farted and my house blew up!"

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